Our Philosophy

Buy Curious Design

Taking an inquisitive approach to our work means we're constantly learning new things. Every day's a school day. Infolust fuels our development, keeping our ideas fresh and innovative.

Play curiosity is often a vital emotion when engaging with consumers, underpinning many of the most successful brand experiences and exhibitions.

We constantly question what we do and how do it. We aren't afraid to ask difficult questions to understand our clients and their market, and the answers are key to the very best solutions.

We Hate Hard Work

Ok that’s not strictly true. But we firmly believe applying intelligent thinking at the design stage makes for an easier life.

A fully digital workflow ensures maximum production speed and accuracy while eliminating production errors.

In-house packaging is tailored to the requirements of the project, reducing the risk of damage in transit.

Simple, lightweight construction using the minimum of components makes installation as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

Modular design makes repairing any damage quick, cost-effective and hassle-free.

Thank You Lego

Those little plastic bricks have a lot to answer for. They’ve fuelled the imagination of millions of young minds, the starting point for countless ideas and adventures.

The perfect modular form to explore the 3D world, it got us fascinated with design and structure before we were even out of nappies.

Now we’re older and wearing proper pants we still approach our work with the same imagination, and design building blocks with the same elegant simplicity.

So whether it’s a simple display, a spaceship or a castle we apply the design principles we’ve been honing all our lives.