Our Processes

design process

Seeing is Believing

If we can’t communicate with you, how can we expect you to trust us with your audience?

Photo-realistic visuals, accurate layout plans and a full breakdown of costs ensure you’re with us at every stage.

The last thing you want is extra stress before your event so clear, concise installation instructions and packing lists are included whenever appropriate.

Cutting-Edge Production

Cutting edge innovation is what really sets us apart from the competition. Quite literally. Our digital cutting and finishing machines allow a fully digital workflow from concept all the way through to production and packaging.

Direct to Substrate printing dramatically cuts manual processing and eliminates the use of laminates, films and adhesives.

It’s not just the latest machinery and materials either. Using exactly the right tool for the job is an art as well as a science, and a skill only gained through experience.

Not only does this allow for much more creative design possibilities with absolute consistency of quality, but also enables us to minimise lead time, production costs and waste.

Go (Recon) Figure

We design every solution with the future in mind. By utilising a modular construction you can reconfigure the way our products function to best suit your requirements.

Whether this involves a new layout or graphics, the flexible and adaptable nature of our products make it easy to add, remove and transform elements.

This emphasis on re-use makes it easier to maintain consistency across all events while updating and evolving the design over time in an economical and considered fashion.

The perfect modular form to explore the 3D world, it got us fascinated with design and structure before we were even out of nappies.

Now we’re older and wearing proper pants we still approach our work with the same imagination, and design building blocks with the same elegant simplicity.

So whether it’s a simple display, a spaceship or a castle we apply the design principles we’ve been honing all our lives.