Health and Safety Solutions

Our lightweight, versatile systems create cost-effective, hygienic temporary solutions to increase productivity while ensuring optimal safety by maintaining safe distances.

Reconfigurable easy-to-clean healthcare pods, vehicle partitions, a wide range of space and desk dividers to create modular environments and 4 new collections of sanitiser dispenser displays. You’re in safe hands.

Healthcare Pods

Aluminium-framed partitions form the basis of our bespoke healthcare pods; easy-to-clean reconfigurable spaces adaptable to any clinical setting.

From simple partition walls to entire multiple consultation room configurations, our range is entirely customisable.

Vehicle Partitions

Our custom-fit vehicle hygiene screens are made from 100% recyclable and FSC certified board manufactured with negative CO2.

Produced in the UK, our exclusive design enables increased passenger capacity while ensuring safety.

Creating hygienic divisions between driver and crew or partitioning cockpits increases capacity while maintaining safe distances.

Safe Work Environments

Let’s get back to business with our desk dividers. They can be put on top of a surface or attached to the bottom.

Choose safety and combine fabric and panel or opt for glass depending on your specific needs.

Rounded corners create an elegant option. Integrate a steel panel to create a magnetic surface for added flexibility.

Public Space Screens

A range of partition walls to create healthy spaces. The displays can be finished with fabric, panel or glass depending on your specific needs. Our aesthetic screens integrate discretely into retail and hospitality environments.

space divider
dispenser displays

Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Display Units

The essential collection has a built-in dispenser for a clean and elegant look. A creative advertising tool; logos, messages or visuals can be printed on both sides of the display.

Add a monitor or tablet onto your dispenser display, or select from a range of illuminated dispenser displays finished with fabric (single-sided or double-sided) with dispenser attached to the side.

Our Hi-LED Collection seamlessly integrates video content for an eye-catching experience.

An aluminium drip plate is included and displays can also be outfitted with an infrared camera to scan body temperature.